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Lazartigue REPAIR SHAMPOO 250 ML

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Keratin is a natural protein that represents 95% of the hair fiber. Essential for the health of the hair, it protects it from aggressions by giving it elasticity and shine. Over time, with repeated mechanical and chemical treatments – coloring, brushing, straightening – the keratin is damaged in depth, the fiber is no longer smooth and regular, the hair looks dull, coarse and has split ends. Only a targeted treatment with keratin can help to deeply restore the structure of the hair fiber. By acting as a bandage, it provides damaged hair with the necessary keratin to bring back its vitality. Repair shampoo, enriched with vegetable keratin, helps repair hair damage deep down and restructures the fibre. Composed with natural hyaluronic acid, derived from tamarind seed, its vegan formula has highly hydrating properties that will bring discipline and shine to hair. A unique combination of botanical extracts that gently cleanses the hair while restoring its body and strengthening it durably. The hair regains vitality, shine and softness. We have chosen to replace the silicones with Abyssinian oil, which detangles the hair, hydrates and softens the fiber, to regain naturally healthy and soft hair.


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