PHYTO Phytosquam Intense Shampoo – Severe Dandruff & Itching

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A genuine ally in your fight against dandruff, this shampoo combines anti-dandruff performance and hair beauty. Formulated with an innovative botanical complex [Black pepper + Guyana wood] and a combination of purifying and soothing active ingredients, it rapidly removes dandruff, effectively prevents its reappearance and instantly reduces sensations of discomfort.

Purifies and exfoliates the scalp
Provides anti-fungal, anti-bacterial benefits that create a steep clean feeling that lasts
Eliminates and prevents the recurrence of dandruff
Relieves irritation and itchiness


To be used as a 2-weeks treatment. Apply section by section on dry scalp. Gently massage and leave on for 5 to 7 minutes. Emulsify with water and rinse thoroughly. To maintain its anti-dandruff efficacy and avoid re-occurrences, use the PHYTOSQUAM Maintenance Shampoo adapted to your scalp type.


Active ingredients: Black Pepper and Guyana Wood Extracts: This high-performance plant complex sustainably eliminates dandruff while respecting the hair and the skin barrier. It is unique and combines anti-dandruff efficacy with beautiful hair. Willow Extraction: Willow extraction is rich in flavonoids and tannins. It reinforces the anti-dandruff effect of other active ingredients through its purifying and regulating properties.

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