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LAZARTIGUE huile des reves 50ml + FREE SAMPLES + FREE pouch + FREE comb

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Rich in an alliance of ultra-nutritious natural oils, Oil of Dreams 95% of natural origin, vegan and silicone-free, nourishes and repairs the hair fiber. It sublimates the material and gives an intense shine to your hair, without a greasy finish.

Deep repair – Intense shine – No greasy finish.

Its bewitching scent is obtained thanks to a unique composition of natural essential oils and fresh flowers: bergamot, water jasmine, rose, sage, patchouli, white musk and vanilla envelop your hair in lightness.

Silicone-free – Mineral oil-free – No artificial colors – Vegan – 100% Made in France

Yuka rating: GOOD – 51/100

This note is due to the presence of allergens in the perfume. These molecules are naturally present in essential oils and can sometimes cause slight irritation in some particularly sensitive people. We have chosen to keep them, in low concentration, to offer you an intense sensory experience. Indeed, each Lazartique product is an olfactory creation in its own right, formulated by the best perfumers of Grasse, from natural ingredients of the finest quality.

Hair that is dull, dry to the touch, is not healthy. It can be damaged by external factors, mechanical or chemical attacks such as smoothing and repeated coloring. Due to a lack of sebaceous secretions from the scalp, the sebum circulates poorly to the ends, the scales rise and the hair becomes fragile. They lose their elasticity and shine.

The hair needs to be deeply hydrated and protected from external aggressions.

The Oil of Dreams does not contain silicone, only vegetable oils that penetrate the hair to nourish it in depth while creating a light protective film around the hair fiber. It treats the hair durably when most other silicone hair oils only offer an instant “varnish” effect but which suffocates the hair in the long term.

Proven effectiveness :

100% of users rated their hair as shiny *
100% of users rated their hair as soft *

Its vegan formula is silicone-free.

Dry hair oils are usually formulated with silicones to provide instant shine to the hair. But this is a simple illusion of shine created by the silicone film present on the surface of the hair fiber. In fact, the silicone, occlusive for the fiber, prevents the moisturizers from penetrating the heart of the fiber which ends up weakening and drying out the hair over time. To truly hydrate your hair, a botanical oil such as Oil of Dreams is the best alternative. Silicone-free, it penetrates effectively into the fiber to nourish it deeply. The hair is healthy, really silky.

Instructions for use:

Place a few drops in the palm of your hand using the pipette. Heat the material and apply to the lengths, insisting on the ends. The number of drops depends on your hair type: Normal hair : 2-3 drops. Normal to thick hair : 3-5 drops. Thick, very dry and unruly hair : 6-10 drops. 5 beauty rituals are possible according to your needs: As a pre-shampoo , 20 minutes on dry hair to nourish and soften. Before brushing , to detangle and soften. After brushing , for intense shine. As a night mask , to nourish intensely. In the hair mask , a few drops for extreme repair. Our expert’s advice: “You can apply up to 1 to 2 pipettes of Oil of Dreams if you use it as a night mask or pre-shampoo. You can also add it to our Nourish or Repair masks to maximize nutrition ”.

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