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FREZYDERM Invisible Spray All Over Sunscreen SPF 50+200ML

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Non-greasy spray-on sun screen that’s suitable for application all over the body. The sunscreen has a 100% invisible texture once applied to the skin and is water resistant while still providing a very high level of SPF 50 sun protection.

The sunscreen contains photostable filters which protects skin cells from harmful UV rays, reduces skin irritation and inflammation. It also helps repair damaged collagen caused by UVA photo-ageing rays.

• Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Protects skin against sun exposure and UVR
• Water Resistant
• Anti-inflammatory

All products in our All Over Sunscreen range are water resistant, easy to apply and provide all the protection your skin needs from the sun.

  • Skins sensitive to light
  • Light skin
  • The prevention of photoageing
  • Skin with scars, old burns, warts, tattoos
  • Protection against discolourations and blemishes
  • After chemical peeling or laser
  • People that require high sun protection for medical reasons (i.e. history of melanoma)
  • Administration of medication (contraceptives, hormones)


For application on face, first spray on palms and then apply. In body, apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen (2 mg/cm2) on dry or wet skin for 20-30 minutes before sun exposure and renew every hour even on the skin area covered by the T-shirt and definitely after swimming or towel drying. Do not forget to apply sunscreen evenly even on difficult areas such as the ears, forehead, nose, heels and in the back of the knees

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