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Frezyderm Moisturizing Plus Cream 30+ 50ml

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This rich and gentle cream for the face and neck deeply hydrates the skin. A complex and unique blend of three types of hyaluronic acids, each of different molecular weight, work together to hydrate all three levels of the skin. While active fig ingredients and herbal extracts provide relief and anti-oxidant protection.

The cream also activates the mechanism of gene skin expression and helps increase the production of collagen and elastin, as a result fine lines are reduced and the skin becomes firm and toned.

Dermatologically tested

*Acetyl  Tetrapeptide -9 – Technical Data


Apply every day and/or night onto clean and dry skin, on face and neck.


3 types of hyaluronic acid | Herbal extracts | Active fig ingredients: Prolonged hydration Tetrapeptides: Anti-ageing treatment Sunflower extract | Rosemary extract | Vitamin E:Protection of DNA against oxidative stress Normal moisturizing skin agents | Plant oils: Reinforcement of the hydrolipid film

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