Psorisdin Smooth Cream

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Moisturizes And Normalizes Thickened Psoriatic Skin. Specific Care That Moisturizes And Normalizes Thickened Psoriatic Skin. Especially Indicated For Unwieldy Flaky Skin Conditions.

Its Combination Of Active Ingredients Eliminates Flaking, Hydrates The Skin And Helps Alleviate Itchiness Caused By Flaking. Adjuvant To Pharmacological Treatment. 

Apply To The Most Thickened Areas Of The Skin And Massage Until Completely Absorbed. For Optimum Skin Response, Use Twice Daily (After Getting Up In The Morning And Before Going To Bed At Night).

*Ingredients: Allantoin Not Only Enhances The Regeneration Process Of The Skin But Also Softens And Soothes;

Aloe Vera Has Powerful Hydrating And Soothing Properties. It Helps Keep The Skin Soft And Supple;

Anti-Itch Technology Helps Comfort The Skin And Relieve Signs Of Discomfort. It Consists Of A Combination Of Ingredients, Such As Polidocanol, That Helps Reduce Both Itching And Redness, Soothing The Skin;

Niacinamide Increases Ceramide Synthesis And Leads To Better Skin Hydration. It Promotes A Healthier Skin Barrier And Helps Reduce Symptoms Of Discomfort Such As Irritation And Tightness;

2% Salicylic Acid Lends This Cream Not Only Anti-Inflammatory Properties But Also A Keratolytic Action. It Helps Eliminate Visible Plaques On The Skin And Normalize Flaking;

20% Urea Can Hydrate And Exfoliate The Skin Reducing Dryness And Discomfort.

*Routine: Apply Isdin Psorisdin Psoriatic Skin Smooth Daily Cream Twice A Day To Previously Clean And Dry Skin. Apply Only To The Affected Areas, With A Gentle Massage, Until Fully Absorbed.

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