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Syrup dietary supplement made with carrot, sunchoke, spinach, bitter dock extracts; iron, vitamins B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B8-B9 and B12.

Iron improves the oxygen transport toward the cells, reduces the fatigue and participates in the energetic metabolism. Fatigue predisposition, feeling of tired can be the first signs of an iron deficiency.

All children and particularly pre-teenagers can be subject to it. PEDIAKID Fer + vitamins B syrup can enhance iron intakes to fight against fatigue symptoms. The microencapsulated iron (5 times more bioavailable than traditional iron) contained in its formula maximizes the iron intake. The syrup has a neutral taste and unsignificant smell that makes it more easily consumed by children. Plus, it does not interfere with the digestive system. The vitamin B2 takes part in the iron processing, for an optimal delivery in the organism.

Banana flavour – 125 ml bottle

Instructions for use:

Suitable for children starting at the first stage of weaning.
Before 5 years old: Take 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after meals.
After 5 years old: Take 2 teaspoons 2 times a day after meals.
1-month treatment. Suitable for adults ages 15+.


Agave syrup 40%, purified water, acacia fibres 15%, hydro glycerine plant extract 7.5% (water, vegetal glycerine, spirulina, carrot, spinach, sunchoke, bitter dock), vitamins and minerals complex: iron pyrophosphate, vitamins B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B8- B9-B12; natural banana flavour and other aromas, natural banana concentrate, preservative: potassium sorbate, acidifying agent: citric acid.

Gluten free

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