Femicare Intimate Wash Ph8

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In Fact,  Femicare Intimate Wash Ph8  Is A Calming Intimate Hygiene Cleanser That Has A Soap – Free Composition And A Non Irritating Formula.

-Ingredients: Syndet Base, Triclosan, Camomile Extract, Allantoin, Cocamidodopropyl, Betaine, Cocamide-Dea, Peg-7 Glyceryl, Cocoate, Polyaquaternium-10, Fragrance, Aqua.

Besides, Allantoin, Moisturizes The Skin To Prevent Dryness And Irritation. Moreover, It Helps In Shedding Dead Skin Cells. It Has Even A Calming Effect On Your Skin. Also, Wound Healing Property.

In Addition, Chamomile Is Commonly Regarded As A Mild Tranquilizer Or Sleep Inducer. As Well, Its Calming Effects May Be Attributed To An Antioxidant That They Call Apigenin.

-Routine: Pour A Small Amount On Your Sponge, Massage The Concerned Areas And Rinse With Water.

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