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The multi-purpose lotion, certified organic, is specially designed to meet the skin’s needs throughout pregnancy and even after childbirth.
It prevents stretch marks appearance, helps firming the pregnant or postpartum woman’s skin while reducing itchings at the same time.

Its formula is made of 99.8% of natural origin ingredients and its active ingredient comes from maracuja.

How  to use:
Apply to the body, morning and night, from the beginning and throughout pregnancy. Continue after delivery, for at least 8 weeks. Massage in circular movements on affected areas (breasts, abdomen hips and thighs) until complete absorption.

Benefits & Ingredients:

  • During and after pregnancy, the woman’s skin encounters various changes which require particular attention.
  • Our multi-purpose lotion was specifically designed and tested to meet those specific needs of (future) mums. Its 3-in-1 formula enables to prevent stretch marks appearance, to improve their looks, and preserve the skin’s elasticity.
  • With its organic certified formula, 99.8% natural origin ingredients and its bottle made of 100% recycled plastics, this lotion is just as good for the planet.
  • The maracuja’s seeds come from an anti-waste upcycling process. We chose maracuja (passion fruit) as a key active ingredient for our Maternity Range. Thanks to its specific properties, this natural patented ingredient improves skin elasticity and helps to keep expecting mums’ skin soft and supple.
  • This active ingredient comes from sustainable and responsible supply chains.
  • The multi-purpose lotion Essential Care contains 3 maracuja extracts carefully selected for their benefits on skin:
  • – oil with its nourishing action
  • – polyphenols with their soothing properties
  • – concentrate with its skin elasticity reinforcement action
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