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MUSTELA liniment diaper change cleanser 400ml + 2 x diapper change cream 50ml + FREE hydra bebe body lotion 100ml

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1- liniment diaper change cleanser :


Liniment, cleans and protects baby diaper area from birth on.

Gentle cleansing care, a daily use for the cleansing of the baby’s diaper area from birth on.

Gently cleans baby with efficacy the diaper area.
Form a protective film to insulate the baby skin from external aggressions due to humidity and diaper rubbing.

How to use: From birth on, at every diaper change, apply using a cotton on your baby skin. Rinsing is not necessary. Shake before use

2- change cream:

Our 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream Takes Complete Care Of Baby’s Bottom After Each Nappy Change – Even Newborns*.

Its Action Is Three-Fold:

Prevents From Nappy Rash And Irritations
Soothes Baby’s Skin
Repairs Baby’s Skin Durably
Easy To Apply And To Clean Off.

*Ingredients: We Created An Exclusive Complex Of Patented Natural Active Ingredients Which Guarantees A Triple Effect On Nappy Area Redness And Irritation – In Any Circumstance, Even Diarrhea And Teething.

It Includes:

Avocado Perseose®, Which Protects The Skin Barrier, Moisturizes And Preserves The Skin’s Cellular Capital

Oxéolin Of Alkacea, Which Relieves Skin Thanks To Its Soothing Properties

Sunflower Oil Distillate, Which Provides The Essential Lipids For The Construction Of The Skin Barrier For Skin Repair

Zinc Oxide With Protective And Anti-Enzymatic Properties

*Routine: Use Our 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream At Each Nappy Change.

Step 1

Clean Baby’s Bottom – Don’t Forget Those Folds! And Dry Thoroughly Before Applying The Cream

Step 2

Apply A Good Layer Of Cream On Baby’s Clean And Dry Nappy Area.

Step 3

Close The Nappy Carefully.

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